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    Reader's Digest
    24/09/13 A new portrait of author Anne Rice (and her life-long friend) appears in this week's issue
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    Harrods Times
    13/08/13 A new series of luxury watch pieces appear on the cover of the bi-annual's UK and China editions along with a range of other work
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    Harrods Times
    13/08/13 A new series involving special mission scenes as backdrops for luxury watches appear in the bi-annual's UK & China editions
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    Harrods Times
    13/08/13 Sequences of drawings were produced for animated transitions for the UK and China E-editions of the magazine. A few selections
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    National Magazine Awards
    08/06/13 The 36th Annual Canadian NMAs were held last night in Toronto and last year's Apex for ROB was awarded silver in the Illustration Spot category
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    Bloomberg Markets
    08/06/13 A new portrait of South Korean president Park Geun-hye accompanies Grand Ambitions by Yoolim Lee in the July issue
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    06/05/13 A new series accompanies Human Tendencies by Amos Zeeberg, Jonathon Keats & Brandon Keim in the May issue
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    08/04/13 A new portrait of Tupac Shakur accompanies an article examining his more recent posthumous career in this week's issue
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    01/04/13 A new personal piece about a north German girl from the early 20th century
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    01/04/13 Initial pencil linears for a new series of yet untitled personal works
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