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    10/08/15 Two new works appear in the Summer issue alongside The Underside of Globalization by Pedro Morales and Dying In America by Anna Neumann
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    Newly Heads
    10/08/15 A new double portrait was created to serve as a wedding invitation for a quirky couple I know
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    10/08/15 A portrait of Bob Marley appears alongside George Nelson's The Lost One, a recently unearthed interview with the icon, in the new issue
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    Intelligent Life
    10/08/15 A portrait of Blake Mycoskie accompanies Charlize Theron's piece about the TOMS founder as part of this issue's Inspiring Innovators feature
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    Seattle Met
    30/07/15 A portrait of Ivan Doig appears alongside Tear Through the World in Wild Disguise as a remembrance of the famed writer in the new issue
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    16/06/15 A new piece called POTUSes accompanies Daniel Mendelsohn's joint review of House of Cards and Veep's latest seasons in the current issue
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    American Illustration 34
    01/04/15 Last year's Schmetterling and Empire of The Mind are among this annual's Chosen images. See ai-ap.com for more details
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    16/03/15 Three private portraits were recently commissioned and two have been selected for viewing here
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    20/02/15 The 11th Annual Awards book is now available for sale. The Jesus People, Park Guen-hye and A.R. & L are among this year's winning entries
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    24/01/15 Two new works, Kippah & InterFaith, appear in the current Winter issue
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