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    Harvard Divinity Bulletin
    15/12/17 Two new pieces, Creators and The Burning Man, appear in the Autumn/Winter issue
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    Retreat II P1
    15/12/17 A series of eighteen originals, a sequel to 2002's Retreat - American Boy I, II & III, Baby & Feces, Bully, Bus Bomber, Cleaners, Head I, Head II
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    Retreat II P2
    15/12/17 The second half of Retreat II - Happy Child, Falling Star, Head III, Head IV, High Speed Chase, Idiot, The Director, Prep School, TV Babies
  4. House of Illustration
    05/12/17 I'll be at the Illustrator's Christmas Fair at the House of Illustration on Dec. 9, 11am - 5pm with originals, drawings and prints for sale. Come say hi Londoners!
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    The Head
    18/11/17 Another full colour exploration via a new personal portrait of everyone's favorite idiot
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    New Prints
    18/11/17 Eight new mini prints are available now in PieceofshowShop. Follow the SHOP link up top for details
  7. New Shop
    07/10/17 Introducing PieceofshowShop! Original artwork, drawings and prints for sale. Follow the link above
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    09/09/17 Folkkk (Little Men with Big Shadows) accompanies Nichole Flores's essay on Charlottesville "When The KKK Came to Town" in the new issue
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    04/08/17 A new piece called Lift appears in the new issue, alongside Brian Daley's account of helping a disabled boy overcome his fears
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    Blue Flower
    04/08/17 This new t-shirt design will be available for purchasing at Cotton Bureau for the next two weeks
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